What is Vented Screw?
Vented screw is used in vacuum system/machine, whose appearance is almost the same with the ordinary screw , the only difference is that there is a vented bore through the screw center. In vacuum system equipment, screw hole at one end is closed, when screw locking in , there will be air "trapped" in the blind-trapped hole (the space between the end of screw and the bottom of the screw hole, see the picture). If using ordinary screw, the trapped air cannot be pumped down quickly but outgas from the screw slot slowly, it will affect the vacuum system badly even polluting, and makes system can not reach the target value. If using vented screw with center-bore which provides an outgas path,the trapped air can be pumped down quickly, that makes the vacuum system reach the target value. Vented screw is one of most important fastener parts which is used in vacuum system widly,such as FAB machine,Veeco,LED MOCVD,Agilent,etc.


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